Emergency Transportation

Situations when Medicare will cater for your transport needs through their ambulance

Medicare can come in if your condition is very serious and at risk which needs immediate help to save a life. Medical transport services will only take you to any nearest hospital where you can thereof get assistance immediately.

1. When you are unconscious, when you have developed shock and when you have hemorrhage.

2. When your health condition calls for serious treatment and watch out in the realm of transporting you. In case of particular examinations being done on the patient, it will be better if they use these transport modes.

3. If land transportation cannot be used for you forcing them to provide a helicopter or airplane. This is just if your   health is in totally poor condition and something must be done immediately.

4. If you have your own means of transport, but it cannot be reached timely. Maybe it’s at your home and you drive yourself.

5. If the distance is too long, traffic on the road or weather not friendly for using land transport. You might succumb to death if you don’t reach at the prescribed center immediately.

6. The transportation you are being offered is very important for your treatment to be obtained or health to be treated.

7. If they use any other means of transport and your health might be in more danger. This is if they use land transport when your condition requires great expertise from an expert.

8. If your doctor puts it clear on paper that you should use an ambulance for transportation.

9. In case of an accident and you get a referral to a more equipped center where you can get attention fast and efficiently.

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